Playlist for May 13, 2015

Played excerpts from my interview with Judah Bauer and Russell Simins of The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion.  The set contained a mix of funk, punk, blues and assorted rock music of recent and historic vintages.

Jerry Lee Lewis "Ramblin Rose" 
Phil Ochs "When I'm Gone" 
Bob Dylan "Cocaine" 
Jad Fair & Daniel Johnston "Chords of Fame" 
Jefferson Airplane "The Other Side of This Life" 
Chrome "How Many Years Too Soon?" 
Mars "3E" 
Suicide "Cheree" 
The Soft Moon "Die Life" 
Grotus "Las Vegas Power Grid" 
James Brown & His Famous Flames "Shout and Shimmy" 
The JBs "The Grunt" 
James Chance & the Contortions "Contort Yourself" 
Malfunkshun "Make Sweet Love" 
Death Valley Girls "Wait for you" 
The Kinks "Waterloo Sunset" 
The Beatles "Magical mystery tour" 
Jon Spencer Blues Explosion "Back Slider" 
Royal Trux "Strawberry Soda" 
The Gun Club "Preaching the Blues" 
Mark Lanegan "Carry Hoem" 
Sex Pistols "Pretty vacant" 
Public Image LTD "Careering" 
The Dead Boys "What Love Is" 
Sly and The Family Stone "In Time"

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