April 1, 2015 playlist 

Iggy and the Stooges “Gimme Danger” 
The Brian Jonestown Massacre “Vad Hände Med Dem? ” 
Cherry Glazerr “cry baby” 
Sunflower Bean “Tame Impala” 
Hiss Golden Messenger “I’m a Raven (Shake Children)” 
Tarek Wegner “Feelin’ Weird” 
Wand “Planet Golem” 
Melvins “Promise Me” 
Andrea Schroeder “Kisses for My President” 
The Shaggs “Philosophy of the World” 

Al DiMeola w/ John McLaughlin “Guardian Angel” 

I had a thing going about real music vs gimmicky music.  Which one is The Shaggs?  Which is Al Dimeola?  Did Iggy really “ruin” Raw Power with his 1997 remix job for Columbia?  And how about another serving of that new Wand album?  So many questions.  So little time.  So much popping off to do.


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