Playlist from 3/18/15

A few upcoming local show artists in here, a few new releases (I’m excited about the new Wand album, “Golem”) a few items from the library, etc.

Burning Palms “Thorns”
Broken Water “Heart strings”
The Soft Moon “Insides”
Spires “Sleepy Eyes”
Wand “Reaper Invert”
Colleen Green “Deeper Than Love”
Nite Jewel “lover”
Tex and the Horseheads “oh mother”
The Flesh Eaters “Disintegration Nation”
The Plugz “Hombre Secreto (Secret Agent Man)”
Teenage Jesus & The Jerks “Orphans”
Royal Trux “the Flag”
The Coathangers “Sex beat”
The Gun Club “Eternally Is Here”
Mark Lanegan & Isobel Campbell “The Breaking Hands”
The Lizard Train “seventh heaven”
New York Dolls “Don’t Mess with Cupid”
The Pop Group “She Is Beyond Good and Evil”
Mink DeVille “Hey Joe”
Tomo Nakayama “Fallen Cedar”
Seth Avett & Jessica Lea Mayfield “Between the Bars”
Nikki Lane “all or Nothin’ #JAMINTHEVAN live @ SXSW 2014”
Neil Young “Cinnamon Girl”
The Hooks “The Brazen Head”
Chris Joss “Tune Down”
Jeannie Piersol “The Nest”
Les Big Byrd “They Worshipped Cats”
Koushik “Battle Rhymes for Battle Times”


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