Thick Red Wine – Live at SFCR 3/11/15

Here’s the playlist from that show.

Death Valley Girls “Electric High”
Creep Beat “Beast”
Screaming Females “Ripe”
The Strange Land “Time Wave”
Andy Human “Land of the Dinosaurs”
Together Pangea “Snakedog”
Meatbodies “mountain”
Summer Cannibals “something new”
Rich Girls “Total Control”
The Waitresses “Jimmy Tomorrow”
Inferno of Joy “Gutter of Salvation”
The Birthday Party “6 Inch Gold Blade”
Psyclone Rangers “Vampire State Building”
The Red Krayola “Transparent Radiation”
Thick Red Wine “Live at SFCR” :
Learning to Surf
Cheap Sangria
Middle school dance
Party River
Never Wanted to Be Cool
Jake Holmes “Dazed & Confused”
Fred Neil “Blues On The Ceiling”
John Lee Hooker “boom boom”


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