Playlist for Feb 18th, 2015

Did a short tribute to James Williamson of The Stooges, and continued the running theme of old old hip hop.

Pond “Elvis’ Flaming Star”
Levitation Room “loved”
Twin Peaks “In The Morning (In The Evening)”

L7 “Pretend We’re Dead”
Moon Duo “Slow Down Low”
Randoms “Let’s Get Rid Of NY”
Charlie & the Moonhearts “I hate you”
The Stooges “I Got a Right”
James Williamson “Rubber Leg”
Alison Mosshart “Til’ the End of the Night”
Iggy pop and james williamson “Sell Your Love”
Mr. Airplane Man “Jesus on the mainline”
Eli Pop “The Journey”
The Gun Club “Promise Me”
Julian Cope “Stone Circles ‘N’ You”
Ex Hex “Hot and Cold”
Nite Jewel “Infinity (w/ Batman on the Beatz)”
Stax “New York Computer Break Dance”
Kurtis Blow “the breaks”
Afrika Bambaataa “Looking For The Perfect Beat”
Marvin Wright “Robot Dance”
Funkadelic “Electro-Cuties”