The playlist from my January 14th show.

Jook “Different Class”
The Fleur De Lys “circles”
Swervedriver “Setting Sun”
Bardo Pond “Fir”
Viet Cong “Continental Shelf”
Les Big Byrd “Tinnitus Ætérnum”
The Soft White Sixties “city lights”
Electric Citizen “Burning in Hell”
Rangda “Plugged Nickel (live)”
Trans AM “Night Shift”
Castanets “It’s Good to Touch You in the Sunlight”
The Box Tops “Cry like a Baby”
The Box Tops “the letter”
Big Star “Give me Another Chance”
Big Star “September Gurls”
Big Star “Femme Fatale (Demo)”
Alex Chilton “walking dead”
The Replacements “Alex Chilton”
Rancid “old friend”
Lloy Price “Stagger Lee”
MC Shan “The Bridge”
Boogie Down Productions “South Bronx”
The Juice Crew “Kill That Noise”
Boogie Down Productions “The Bridge is Over”

You may notice towards the end I did an extended set of Alex Chilton music, and then a set of songs from the “Bridge Wars” feud of classic hip hop.

Read more about them here:


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